Video dialog:

Did you ever wish you could travel more but don’t have the time or money? Come join us as we explore our world around New Jersey! Yes that’s right, New Jersey! That’s me, Tim and my wife Christine and we live in a town called Cherry Hill which is between Mt. Epheran & Mt. Laural, neither have mountains but there’s plenty of fun and adventures to be found here. Join us as we explore sites just within a days drive of Whaaaa Exit!!

Talk about:
Making snacks – healthy
Essentials to bring – bug stray, blanket, flashlight
Estimate of cost

The Road Trip
Stopping along the way
Bathroom breaks – best bathrooms
Signs, Road stands

The destination
Facts about the event or area
How it makes us feel
What we enjoyed or not
What to avoid or not to miss

Food Stuff

Turkey Apple Sausage